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Welsh Government criteria favours Nominet

On 9th December 2011, the Welsh Government invited potential applicants for a top-level domain for Wales to submit their proposals The notice and criteria are very different to what would be expected: dotCYM was created to cooperate with the Welsh Government on a top-level domain for Wales and the Welsh community worldwide and has been working with [...]
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Incredible! Prime Minister of Wales against .cymru domain!

Absolutely incredible, Carwyn Jones, the First Minister of Wales has come out against having a domain for Wales in Welsh - the indigenous language of the country he governs! At a debate at the National Assembly of Wales in Cardiff today (8 November 2011), the First Minister, a native Welsh speaker, in an answer to Elin [...]
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Back the Bid

In January 2012, after a wait of seven years, the opportunity to submit bids for new top-level domains – including .cymru – will open. Working with the Welsh Government dotCYM want to make sure that a bid is submitted for .cymru The bid for a Welsh domain by dotCYM Ltd is the only bid from Wales. [...]

dotCYMRU it is!

The top-level domain for the Welsh community will be .cymru The decision to change from the original .cym was taken following the decision that the three letter ISO code for the Welsh language, CYM, would not be available for the Welsh bid. Following wide consultation including stories in the Welsh, UK and internet press, the overwhelming preferred [...]
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