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Rules change: ‘cym’ unavailable

The rules regarding acceptable names for the new top-level domains have changed. ‘CYM’ is now reserved for the Cayman Islands although they already have the use of .ky. The ‘CYM’ letters are therefore not available for the Welsh cultural and linguistic community to use on the internet. We will choose a new top-level domain to represent the [...]
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Wales.CYM - Cardiff.CYM

Cardiff Council Executive has backed a campaign for Wales to have its own top-level domain dot CYM (.cym). The new domain will give Cardiff people the choice to use .CYM as well as the less specific .com, or .org. In response to growing pressure from around the globe the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names [...]

Think global – act local

dotCYM OPENS THE DOORS FOR MEMBERS At a time when international organisations and investment banks are in difficulty, the bid for a Welsh internet domain is bucking the trend and opening its doors to people across Wales and beyond. This shows confidence that people are willing to make a moral investment in the future of Wales [...]
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dotCYM, Bangor and the World

Tom Brooks of the dotCYM bid will give a paper at an influential international conference in Bangor on 22 and 23 August. The GUM3C conference is about global understanding in multilingual, multimodal and multimedia context. It’s held as part of the celebration of 2008 being the International Year of Languages. Among the other speakers will be [...]
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