Campaigning for a Welsh cultural and linguistic domain

dotCYMRU it is!

The top-level domain for the Welsh community will be .cymru

The decision to change from the original .cym was taken following the decision that the three letter ISO code for the Welsh language, CYM, would not be available for the Welsh bid.

Following wide consultation including stories in the Welsh, UK and internet press, the overwhelming preferred choice of the respondents was to place a bid for a .cymru TLD.

Cymru is increasingly recognised world-wide and obviously popular within Wales (Cymru, pronounced with a hard ‘c’ as in the English county, Cumbria, which shares the same etymology, with the ‘u’ at the end an ‘i’ sound) but it also incorporates the essence of the bid which is one for the Welsh linguistic and cultural community.

Although two and three letter domains have been most popular with users in the initial phase of the internet, Siôn Jobbins, on behalf of the bid believes .cymru is an excellent choice.

‘The new five letter top-level domain is longer than .de or .ie, but it’s shorter or equal in terms of characters than very popular and respected domains such as or Within Wales it will also be easily recognisable and liked. The last fifteen years has seen a great increase in Welsh businesses, societies and clubs using the indigenous Welsh name for Wales, Cymru, rather than the English version.’