Campaigning for a Welsh cultural and linguistic domain

Back the Bid

In January 2012, after a wait of seven years, the opportunity to submit bids for new top-level domains – including .cymru – will open. Working with the Welsh Government dotCYM want to make sure that a bid is submitted for .cymru

The bid for a Welsh domain by dotCYM Ltd is the only bid from Wales. The project to gain a specific Welsh top-level domain was pioneered by them in 2006. Since then dotCYM has lobbied organisations and governments to gain support for the Welsh bid. Their bid has gained the support of thousands of individuals, businesses, societies, clubs and institutions across Wales and the Welsh Diaspora.

The original bid was for the three letter CYM, however, because of a change in the rules by the global governing body, ICANN, dotCYM asked the Welsh people what would be their preferred name. The most popular choice was for .cymru.

‘The .cymru bid is a bid from Wales, by Welsh people and for the Welsh people. It’s not a branch operation of a larger company. It’s a sign of confidence that Wales can have a distinctive internet presence and that the domain can play its part in branding and bringing together the wide diversity of Walsh society and Welsh internet facilities, services and operations. We’re confident that the Welsh Government will show faith in a Welsh business and back the bid for .cymru,’ said Siôn Jobbins, Chief Executive of the .cymru bid.