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Just when you think that Google is merely a regular search engine where you can type any keywords to find information, it turns out to be a mind-blowing fact when you notice that Google has several fun tricks and features hidden in the systems. The purpose has always been ambiguous. Some say that Google did it on purpose to trigger your curiosity, while some others say that the inventors had gotten so bored that they decided to have a little fun with the system. Either way, the fact that users can also have fun with it should always be a fact to remember.

Several pages and references also find it interesting to discuss that they feature the information on their sites. Forget that running dinosaur game whenever you lose the connection, these hidden Google tricks and features prove to offer a lot more fun. If you need to have fun while doing your school tasks, or if you want to impress your friends with something that not everyone knows, this article offers the right information for you.

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I’m Feeling Curious

Let us all agree that this trick should belong to the educational category instead of fun. However, we cannot deny that people actually have much fun playing this hidden feature. If you are currently in a boring situation but still need to improve your knowledge, this trick is surely the best option you have. The only thing you need to do is to type ‘I’m Feeling Curious’ on the available search box and click enter. One fun fact will randomly show on the first page, ranging from science to social. Another impressive thing about this trick is that you can change the topic and find other information by hitting the blue ‘Ask Another Question’ button.

Google Gravity

Another fun trick to try is Google Gravity. It is inspired by the natural gravity that the earth has, and the inventors found it quite amusing that they decided to give it a try. To enable this feature, you need to go first to account preferences page and disable the Instant Results. Next, you need to go back to Google homepage, type Google Gravity, and click ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’.


It is probably one of the best prank tricks you can find on Google. Just type the word ‘Askew’ on the available search box and let your friends think that there is something wrong with the monitor. It tilts the screen to the right automatically.

Post Author: Reuben Pritchard