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gate surveillance

Security is a matter you should not take chances with. One place you need to ensure is secure to the maximum is your home. That is where you reside with your loved ones and also keep some of your valuables. Keeping your home secure will ensure all your loved ones are safe, and the chances of losing your valuables are very minimal. One thing you can do to keep your home secure is installing surveillance cameras.

Surveillance cameras are usually fixed in different corners of your home to record and monitor the happenings. There are various types of surveillance cameras you can use. The cabled and wireless types are popular. They can also differ depending on their powering system because you will come across those that are battery powered and others that have to be connected to a power source.

Installing your surveillance cameras at strategic points insurveillance camera your home is essential. One great place to fix them is at your gate. You will have footage of everyone trying to access your compound. These cameras should also be set at your front door, which is another entry point. Do not forget to place them inside your house because that is where your loved ones and valuables are.  There are several things you have to consider when looking for a perfect spot to place your surveillance cameras. They include:

Weather Proof

You should look for a spot where your cameras will not be affected by different weather conditions. Placing your cameras in an open spot increases their chances of getting damaged by harsh weather conditions such as rain. Bright sun is the other thing that can affect the kind of view you get. Factor in all these to pick a perfect spot.

Pick Vulnerable Spots

Do consider some of the places in your home that are vulnerable to theft or break-ins. This could be your garage or other spots where you have most of your valuables. Planting your cameras in such zones will help ensure everything is safeguarded.


Look for hidden spots where your cameras cannotgate surveillance be accessed easily. You should also keep them at raised places that are out of reach for different people. This reduces the chances of getting tampered with by those who break into your house. Look for the right spot to get the best footage.

Post Author: William George